Invigorating India
If you are looking to align your mind and body, escape from reality and detox both mentally and physically - This is for you!

Join Anders and his team in India, combining powerful ancient Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and one on one coaching.

This is your ticket to a healthier, happier and higher achieving you!

November 2 - 14, 2019 
India calls your name...
It has often been said that India calls your name when you are ready to hear it, and you came to this page for a reason! 

As the sun sets in the Indian Ocean, you are looking back on yet another day of healing through your Ayurvedic treatments, your yoga sessions and your personal coaching. 

You are slowly but surely releasing emotional and physical stressors while recovering from not only the long-term negative effects of your fast- paced everyday schedule but also your  diet. This is your opportunity to restore balance and harmony to your body and central nervous system. 

Sounds like Heaven?
The Retreat Center

Located 20 min. outside the city of Trivandrum and 25 min. from the sea, in the heart of nature, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Indian rainforest and its inhabitants, your private bungalow sits on the grounds of a newly constructed Ayurvedic Panchakarma retreat center. Your private oasis for the next two weeks! 

The Many Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine
Helps stabilize hormonal imbalances
Helps in lowering stress and anxiety as well as other more severe mental debilitating conditions. 
Promotes the release of excess weight
Helps with recovery from injuries and illnesses
Lowers inflammation and rebuilds natural immune defense
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
Much, much more...
The cuisine

Let’s get this straight right from the start – Indian food is simply mouthwatering delicious!

3 times per day, a private chef will prepare your meals from a 90% Vegetarian based fixed menu, to be enjoyed privately or with the group.

Complimenting the healthy Indian kitchen will be a juice-bar where you can enjoy  juice combinations of Mango, Papaya, Ginger, Pineapple and more... 

If you have any food allergies – no worries – we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences with a proper notice ahead of time!

The Experience
As you land in Trivandrum Airport and exit the doors of the terminal, you feel the humidity of the subtropics on your face, accompanied by the sights and sounds of India... You have arrived! Your driver greets you with a sign and transports you to the retreat center. 
Ayurvedic medicine originated in this region of India close to 5000 yrs. ago and treating the link between the mind and body is one of the pillars, on top of an extensive detoxification process.

Going to bed with the sunset and waking up to the sunrise will quickly become your new body clock and as you rise, breakfast is prepared for your to enjoy. 

Throughout the day, you will receive a customized 1.5-2 hour Ayurvedic treatment held to the highest and strictest protocols, an optional yoga group session as well as one on one coaching as desired. 

Immediately following dinner, you are being offered to take part in a daily Master Mind circle held for the group. 

Not to forget .... several surprises along the way... 
What is included? 

-  Airport transfer both ways from Trivandrum (TRV) airport to the Retreat Center
-  Accommodations (double occupancy) in bungalow at Retreat Center (8 Bungalows and 7 private rooms available). Single occupancy is available at a different rate - contact us for details
-  2 daily Ayurvedic treatments (1.5 hour each)
- Consultations with the doctor when needed
-  Daily Group Yoga Session
-  3 meals a day prepared by the Retreat Center chef 
-  Juice Bar
-  One on One Exclusive coaching with Anders and his team 
-  One Group Excursion 
- Tips


-  Your round-trip airfare from home to Trivandrum (TRV)
-  Electronic Visa Application for India 
-  Individual Yoga sessions are available but are not included in the package
-  Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, and laundry.
-  Additional Tips over and above standard tips included or for additional services not included in the Retreat package
-  Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.


Anders Hansen

Anders Hansen works with career professionals to help them overcome their self-limiting illusions such as fear and bad self-image so they can achieve time/money freedom and other "Impossibilities"...

Endorsed and mentored by his friend Bob Proctor, a worldwide renowned pioneer in personal development, Anders masterfully bridges two decades of experience in entertainment with the best of personal development.


Eva is an expert in working with people, not only through her career as a dermatologist, spanning 30 years but also through her work as the owner of the Yoga School Shivooham.

She is a master is bringing forth the natural beauty in all her clients, both on the outside and inside. Her intense work with people, their potential and energy makes her a natural partner for the work Anders does.

Eva's work in personal development has brought her to India as an expert in Ayurvedic principles and the balance between mind and body.
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