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Bob Proctor
Bob is one of the pioneers of personal transformation and has helped thousands of people overcome their limits and grow personally and professionally. Listen to him talk about the amazing system that Anders has developed and how it can help you too.
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Real Magic!
Listen to those who have already worked with Anders and how he's empowered them to break through their own illusions to create the results they truly desire. 
3 x Results in 1 Month!
Octavio tripled his sales in the first month and today he has built several streams of income, happy, health and wealthy at age 60. 

He made a decision to participate in the Master Class - and so can you! 
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The opportunity for a 1:1 Coaching Session is offered on a "first come, first serve" basis and we reserve the rights to change dates and or times. The first part of our session together is lead by Anders' Lead Coach, Jacqueline Toth.

Anders Hansen

​​​​​​By combining 20 years of experience in the field of illusions with decades of studies in personal development, Anders now works with career professionals to help them overcome their self-limiting illusions so they can achieve time/money freedom and other "Impossibilities"...

Endorsed and mentored by his friend Bob Proctor, a worldwide renowned pioneer in personal development, Anders masterfully bridges two decades of experience in entertainment with the best of personal development.

Located in Las Vegas, USA Anders has participants in over 90 different countries today and counting. 

Jacqueline Toth

​​​​​​​Jacqueline has been working with Anders over a span of years, and is now his lead coach. She has a master’s degree in psychology and is a student of Anders’ and Bob’s materials. During her countless travels, experiences in life, as well as the experiences she has gained by studying clinical psychology, Jacqueline has come to the conclusion that most people today live far UNDER their best potential. Jacqueline has learned to understand the importance of preventive care, and has therefore made it her passion to help other people to do more, be more, and to have more in all aspects of life. Supported by her five languages, Jacqueline has the ability to really understand people. She is an expert in navigating between different cultures, which benefits her way of working. Jacqueline will make sure to help you achieve your impossible goals.
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